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No matter what your construction needs… large or small, commercial, industrial or institutional… expansions or modernizations… we guarantee competitive prices and personalized service.

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Conlon-Built Means Quality-Built.

We’ve demonstrated year after year, in hundreds of buildings that Conlon-Built means Quality-Built.

Conlon Construction will work for you every step of the way. We will act as your advocate throughout the entire building process. That’s how we’ve done business for the past century and that’s how we will continue to do business into the future.

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The Conlon Story Since 1903


onlon Construction Company is the present-day outgrowth of the pioneering efforts of R.F. Conlon who started construction work in Southwestern Wisconsin in 1903. The company then moved to Dubuque, Iowa in 1922 where three of his six son’s joined the business. After he passed away in 1935 his three sons continued his work until 1937 when Vincent B. Conlon moved to Saint Cloud, Minnesota to operate a branch of the Iowa based company. The Saint Cloud operation has operated as a separate MN based Corporation since 1964 when his son William J. Conlon joined the construction firm. Vincent B. Conlon passed away in 1984, and William J. Conlon, along with his children, continue his work to the present day.

Conlon Construction operated as a general contractor from 1903 to the present day. Conlon Construction Co. started its construction management operation in 1982. The construction management operation specializes in government, education, and corporate planning management. The growth of our construction operations are a result of a commitment to work with owners and architects to assure a program to meet your individual needs.

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